Best WhatsApp Status in English Latest Update

Here we will talk about some WhatsApp status that you can put in your WhatsApp. Whatsapp status is a great way to tell our current status.

I can fight with the world but not with myself .. Because I have to 'win' rather than 'win' with myself.
Everything I have lost is my ignorance, and everything I have found, it is God's favor !! Let's get dialogue for old age.
The disease had spread in our times.
There is a principle of success, you have to show yourself bad, For good people..๐Ÿ’›
Bullying yourself - in your eyes
Then smilingly - the world will be seen as a slave ...
Then smilingly - the world will look like a slave ...
If you are ## good then show it If we are ## bad then prove it .. !!
The reality of life is all that has to go! You are alone in pain and all the time is in happiness ..!
No one will give it along, I know this, I am, Then I also consider wounding as a friend # I.
Who will buy from paper notes? To check the price, here ๐Ÿคจ today เคญी even Scyka เค›ा Uchala # goes.
* He wants the place * .. * The day I lose too! * * Come and say victory * .. * Sorry was a compulsion !! *
From love books, you are the one who does not reverse with his words.
We will fight those who openly host enmity ... but what to do with those who give pain to smiling ...
Time, truth, wealth, and body may not support… ..but nature, understanding, and true relationships always support….
Smile so much in life smile
We have wanted you more since that day since you came to know that you do not want to be our ...
There is no one in the world..Make a relationship, no one is yours ...
Along with it is what one feels… even while away.
The best eyesight is those who can see their shortcomings.
Where there is no place for us, it is incumbent to live there….While there is a house, whether someone has a heart…
It is acceptable to stay single, but it is not acceptable to play with anyone for your fun and time pass.
May your laughter never diminish, these eyes never become moist, every happiness of life you get, even if we are not involved in that happiness
Life has broken some dreams, and we have left some to see ..
That thing was different when we were together.
Those who ask questions meet a lot, but without question, they meet with a caring person.
You talk about words, feelings are scattered here.
What you really want is nothing
The fun of living in a misunderstanding is something else, otherwise, it is often a cry.
We will get lots of love, we need a companion.
When time goes by, then it is said to be sorry, not sorry.
Do not look back ..... after goodbye ... many meetings ... just ... this Gurur lost ...

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