Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages & Greetings

Birthday Wishes:  Looking for Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Birthday SMS messages, and Birthday greetings? We have compiled the birthday wishes and Birthday messages, Birthday SMS, Birthday WhatsApp messages for you to send to your loved ones!. Celebrating a birthday is special. It is a day that only happens once a year, and for this reason, it should be memorable. It’s a unique day, just for you!

Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages & Greetings

The exciting thing is that we can decide how amazing a birthday is a good amount of love and effort will result in a happy Birthday and a successful day. We grow older and wiser as time goes by, giving us the tools and experience to become the person we dream of being. A birthday means a new beginning: a bright and bold new chapter with new goals and different reasons to be inspired.


Happy Birthday Wishes, Happy Birthday Wishes, Birthday Status For WhatsApp-Facebook-Instagram or Birthday comes once a year. On this occasion, my friends, friends, and family are well received with relatives, wish you these Birthday Wishes and Birthday Quotes, quotes,  Birthday status, Birthday SMS, Birthday messages, Birthday statuses to your friend or relatives on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, you can wish by messaging.

I love every day, this Special day,

By which we Don’t want to spend without you

By the way, the heart always blesses you,

Still say Happy Birthday to you ..

Happy Birthday


Happiness is everywhere,

Be beautiful every day,

May the whole life be like this,

This is my prayer every day,

So be it your every birthday ….!


And the birds sing,

The flowers said by laughing,

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday

Heart Touching wishes

Flowers have sent a drink of nectar,

Sun has sent a salute to Earth,

Happy birthday to you,

I have sent this message wholeheartedly.

Happy Birthday Beautiful.

Heart Touching wishes for Happy Birthday.

Your Birthday is the first day of 

another 365-day journey.

Be the shining thread in the beautiful 

tapestry of the world to make this year the best ever.

Happy Birthday dear.

Happy birthday wishes Quotes

We have no blessings,

Flowers that have not bloomed to date,

May God give you all this today,

Who has never met anyone to date?

Happy Birthday.

your face is feeding Like a rose

Name is bright like Aftab,

You keep on smiling even in misery like flowers,

If we can never support you,

So still keep celebrating your birthday like this .. !!

Happy Birthday, dear.

Happy birthday wishes for Friend

O God bless my love with happiness!

Give him this gift on his birthday!

He will come every year at your rate !!

That it should never be a reason for sorrow !!

Happy Birthday !!! 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover: Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend, Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend, Girlfriend Birthday SMS, Romantic And Awesome Birthday Wishes And Also Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend.

Wishes for Girlfriend

Laughing among you crores,

You kept blooming among  millions,

Lighted up among thousands of you,

Like the sun stays in the sky !!

Wishing u a very very happiest B’day my dear

Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover

God may have celebrated that day too,

The day you made with your own hands,

He must also have tears…

The day you were sent to Earth,

Must have found me alone…

Happy birthday my darling…

Smile on your lips every moment,

You are unaware of every sorrow,

With which #surface arose your life,

always have those humans !!

Happy Birthday My heart

We love his day from every day,

What I don’t want to spend without you,

By the way, the heart always gives you blessings,

Still say  Happy Birthday

Wish you this birthday !!

One prayer we ask our God,

Want your happiness sincerely,

All your wishes come true

And you smile, I love you…

Happy * Happy Birthday *

Simple Quote Massages

I live in your heart

So I suffer every  pain;

No one wishes you before me;

Therefore, in advance, it is called happy birthday my Dear

Pray this on your birthday,

I and you will never be apart together,

This promise will support you for a lifetime

will give my life on you too, this is my intention !!

Happy Birthday

Like all of you

The heart is also very cute.

Don’t know when I will get the chance to give you a Birthday Kiss.

Many happy birthdays.

You will be Always  happy

Do not come with someone Sorrow wherever you step,

Whatever you say, every wish wishes are fulfilled by you,

This is my prayer on your birthday.

happy Birthday

I will bring happiness to all of you.

You will decorate the world with flowers !!

Will make your day beautiful !!

decorate your love for you !!

Happy birthday

Congratulations to you so much,

This looks very strange where

I am away from you, accept this message,

This is where your birthday is decorated ..

The moon has brought the moonlight,

The birds have sung the song,

Flowers have swamped the goose,

Happy birthday has arrived ..

This special day has come a thousand times in your life;

And every time we keep saying Happy Birthday to you.

happy Birthday.

Latest Quotes for Birthday

Be happy,

the joy of happiness,

every happiness is pleasant,

you are so happy in life,

that every happiness is your addict.

Happy Birthday

It will always be in your heart,

our love will never be less,

no matter how much happiness and sorrow in life,

we will always be together.

Happy birthday

Life is so beautiful from your arrival,

your heart is settled in the heart,

do not go away, forget,e anytime,

I need you at every step.

happy Birthday

Come, I will write your age with the moon stars,

I should celebrate your birthday in the spring,

with flowers, I bring every beauty from the world,

decorate it with every beautiful sight.

happy Birthday

How did you feel like having these problems,

got yourself noticed in the eyes,

I did not care about any relationship,

loved you so much in love.

happy Birthday

Happy Birthday wishes SMS

Happy Birthday wishes SMS: Find Happy Birthday SMS, happy birthday wishes SMS, birthday quotes, happy birthday wishes to wish your best friends or love on their birthday.

Sending a happy birthday text message isn’t just about saying happy birthday, it’s a way to display beautiful memories and show how much you care. Birthday SMS or Birthday text messages are the easiest way to tell your friend, lover, or family that you remember them. Send birthday quotes to friends.

What should I pray for you,

who will give happiness on your lips;

This is my blessing,

let the light of the stars make your fortune.

happy Birthday!

Your stars are always high

May all your problems be postponed.

Wish you a birthday

Heartiest Wishes


You were between millions of people

kept blooming between millions.

are illuminated between thousands of people.

As the sky remains between the sun.

Happy Birthday ..

Let the sunlight up in Your life,

May the flowers fill scent in Your life,

Always Be Happy

Have so much happiness in Your life”

“Happy Birthday”

Your life is like flowers.

life shines like a star 

* • ^ • * Pray is from the heart * • ^ • *

Happy Birthday ……

From us and the whole family

* • * Happy Birthday * * *

May every year be full of happiness 

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