Good Night Wishes Quotes & Status – Latest 60+ Good Night Wishes

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Good Night Wishes Quotes & Status

Latest good night wishes and quotes

Candles do not burn without light,

The moon does not shine without night,

So how can we sleep without wishing you Goodnight

Good night

A picture appears in the evening evening,

Then this thing comes out of friends,

When will you talk with you heartly,

Thinking that every night passes..

Good night

Everyone sleeps for tomorrow,

But he does not think that,

Whose heart has hurt today,

Must he sleep or not…

Good night


Eyes also question me eyelids,

Misses you all the time,

Good night oppress you until you say,

Even refuses to sleep….

Good night!

Congratulation to you this beautiful night,

God’s support is also with you,

When your eyes open,

happiness is with you..

Good night

Good Night Wishes Quotes for Lover

Good Night Wishes Quotes for Lover

It’s night

Be it river bank,

Cheek is yours

But Kiss is ours..

Good night

Smilling love

love is to hide one thing from everyone

like this, we do not sleep all night,

But it is love to wake up and sleep

while you are sleep..

Good night

Good Night Wishes Quotes for Friend

Don’t know why this night comes so soon,

You talk about things,

We try to sleep a lot,

But don’t know why you miss..

Good night!!

I miss you every night,

The same thing happens every day with moon stars,

You don’t come to my dreams at all,

Because our sleep is disturbed due to scary aapearance..

Good night

Miss you status for night

Miss you status for night

If light was in the stars..

Lonely heart is not compelled..

We would definitely call you Good Night..

If your home is not far away…

Good night!

Head hanging on the fan

the soul looking at you through the window,

The witch sitting under the bed,

Beheaded behind the screen,

Do not pay attention to all these,

Sleep comfortably…

Good night

You also have light every night,

Everyone’s going to love you,

Time will pass with the help of their memories,

Someone like this to decorate your dreams..!

Good night!!

Heart Touching Good Night Messages For Friends

The moon has scattered the moonllight,

The stars have decorated the sky,

Good night to tell you,

look, some angel has come from heaven..

Good night!!

It is night, the cold wind blows,

Someones’s smile is blossoming is your memory,

You get lost in their dream world,

Close your eyes and sleep comfortably..

good night..

No matter how clean the road is,

“Dust” deos happen,

No matter how food a person is,

“Mistake” can happen,

“I want everyone in my life”

I value because,

Those who are “good” will be ‘with’ ..!!

and those who are ‘bad’ will give ‘lessons’!!

lessons are required both for living and together..

Good night

An angel comes slowly in the night,

An angel brings some happy dreams,

It says to sink into the ocean of dreams,

Now forget all the pain soon..

Not every dream comes true

nobody is incomplete with out anymone

The one who illuminates the moon all night long,

Even that is not complete every night..

Good night @ Sweat Dreams!

Sweet Good Night Quotes and Good Night Wishes

Now it’s Black Night,

Now also turn off white white light,

Grab the flight of Sweat dreams

oh my lovely dear Good night..

Sweat Dreams

Oh my eyes

His appearance will be seen in dreams,

The wait will start again in the morning,

At least the night will be happily cut!

** Good Night **

When will their eyes be expressed,

There will be love for us in any Corner of the heart,

The night is passing in his memory,

Sometimes they too will be waiting for us..

good night!

The night is moony but the moon is not silent,

How can i say then I am not conscious today

So immersed in the depths of your eyes today,

There are jams in the hand,

but there is no consiousness of the drink..

Good night!!

Cute Good Night Quotes

Hi !!! This is our midnight service..

In this, we spoil  the sleep of people after midnight..

Thankk you! Now go to sleep..

Good night!!

Hey moon stars,

just give them a kick,

Take them down from the bed,

Fight with them,

Because  these men have fallen asleep 

without saying.. good night

Dark road deserted cemetery

Sunny mansion black sky,

lightning struck

it is night, the devil is sleeping..

Good night!!

Life is like a mirror

If you smile at him

it was also make you smile!

Do not find the purpose of smilling

or else life will be cut off,

Sometimes even smile with out looking,

life will smile along with you,

Good night

Tell me the floor

I’m not here yet

There are difficulties but I am not stuck.

Good Night

Believe everything will happen,

the right time is bad,

your life is not

Good Night

Relationships do not grow in life,

those relationship grow up

Good night


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