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Myself Birthday Wishes Status: Welcome. Here you will receive My Birthday Status and Wishes, Today is My Birthday Wishes and My birthday Quotes, my Birthday DP, Happy Birthday to me Quotes Funny, Birthday Prayer For Myself, etc. The collection is small but superb.

  • Thank you, Lord, for showing me another new year of life.
  • Your prayers really made my birthday more special… Thank you…
  • Keep Calm is a great day today. Bcoz today is my birthday.
  • I hope that today has come to the beginning of a better year – Happy Birthday to Me…
  • I’m Classic, I am not old.

Happy Birthday Status To Me for WhatsApp

The day we came to the ground, this hope also cried a lot,
After all, how could his tears stop,
Because he lost his sweetest star…
Life is the name of walking, 
keep going, morning and evening. 
This path will be cute….
If you have fallen into the world, you will have to live.
life is poison, you will have to drink it.

Today is my Birthday DP:

  • Today is my birthday, it is not necessary to give a gift… Cash is accepted here.
  • If you are born, don’t just take a breath… we also have a hobby of living
  • The fame that is so much in my world is due to my mother… What will you give?
  • I was born on my birthday, Did you know that?

Myself Birthday Status for Girl:

  • The Queen was born on this day – Happy Birthday to Me.
  • Many thanks to all of you for making me feel special on my birthday.
  • God has given us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

When I open my eyes in the morning, everyone will be happy
When there is no misery to be blessed with all smiles….
There should be no distinction between caste and religion, nor are you the net of me
Give God a birthday where humanity never happens ……
When I ask for my birthday present to God
In my mind, there is no filth in humanity.
Mayfly on the wings of my dreams in this entire sky
I hope to spread my arms and courage by spreading this spirit …….
Today is my birthday, I am very happy
May everyone wish for a blessing.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving birth to this wonderful baby…

Another year of my life passed,
The foggy image that I have,
Some happiness, little sorrow,
Win somewhere, lose somewhere
This is what in the shadow
Life is cut….
I have a free sky and
In which I have to write my tomorrow,
Your tomorrow
I will make that tomorrow happy
Yours, only your prayers…

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